La Foundation for the Arts
is a non-profit service organization with an unwavering commitment to advancing, realizing, and preserving the vision of emerging and unrecognized art workers and administrators in Ghana through meaningful relationships with the wider African diaspora.
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Our Impact

Making a positive and meaningful impact on the communities we serve is incredibly important to us. Without this our mission has not be achieved. See below some of the people who have benefited from our work.

STEPHEN ALLOTEY – Portfolio Review Facilitator  (Ghana)

I really admired the outstanding artworks the artists presented during the review! The feedback and discussion were insightful and productive, and i appreciate their openness to accept constructive criticism.

Thank you Artists for sharing your incredible art with us, and to the team for your tireless efforts. We’re already looking forward to the next review!

Also, a huge round of applause to the amazing Lafa team that organized this review! Your attention to detail, and passion for art are what made this event a resounding success.

ADELAIDE DAMOAH – Touch Participating Artist (UK/Ghana)

My experience collaborating with La Foundation and curator Chantel for their inaugural exhibition has been truly rewarding. From the meticulous handling of the artworks to the clear communication and engaging social media presence, every aspect was managed with utmost professionalism and consideration.

Throughout the process, I felt confident in the team’s expertise, which allowed me to remain at ease. It has been an honour to have my work featured in such a thoughtfully curated and visually stunning exhibition. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of the launch of this wonderful initiative.

La Foundation’s commitment to creating sustainable opportunities, showcasing Ghanaian talent and fostering a vibrant artistic community in Ghana is commendable. I look forward to witnessing and supporting their future endeavors and continued growth.

DERRICK OKANTA- Portfolio Review Participant (Ghana)
I enjoyed every bit of my conversation with Neequaye Dsane.  I found the advice invaluabe, especially the following:
  1. To study some of the galleries in relation to the kind of work I produce.
  2. To build positive relationship with galleries and also other artists

JOSH AKPOR- Portfolio Review Participant (Ghana)

I really appreciate the fact that this idea was initiated to help artists and also the reviewers making  time to talk to each artists about their works. Through this  review I was able to learn the benefit of investing time and energy into work of art and the need to keep creating and I enjoyed the fact that the reviewers were  open and they shared their knowledge me us.

EDWARD LARBI- Portfolio Review Participant
  • I will like to say this is very educative
  • I got to understand more about the art world
  • I learnt that I need to put my human figure drawing upright. Moreover, I will have to go for an art walk to collect more ideas for a display on my local truck
  • I can work with as many ideas as I can
  • It was a smooth and educative conversation
WALL KURT- Portfolio Review Participant (Mali)
I would like to thank you once again for the opportunity to participate in the first round of online portfolio reviews. It was a valuable experience for me, and I am grateful for the feedback provided by professionals around the world.
I received invaluable advice on enhancing the thematic coherence of my portfolio. The reviewers highlighted the importance of a strong narrative and consistency across my work, which has helped me focus on creating a more unified body of work.
I gained a deeper understanding of contemporary photography standards and the diverse expectations from different cultural perspectives. The feedback helped me identify areas for improvement and provided me with new strategies to elevate the quality of my work.
I particularly enjoyed the constructive critiques and the open dialogue with the reviewers. The opportunity to engage with seasoned professionals and receive direct feedback on my work was incredibly rewarding.
Thank you once again for organizing these reviews. I look forward to future opportunities to engage with the community and continue growing as an artist.

JOHANNA ADJOA- Portfolio Review Participant (Ghana/Netherlands)

Thanks again for your insightful feedback during our recent portfolio review

I truly appreciate your analysis of my work, particularly your focus on the centrality of faces and the cultural identity and emotions conveyed through African adornments and masks. Your perspective has given me a deeper understanding of how my art resonates with viewers and the cultural narratives it embodies.

Your suggestion to incorporate photography into my work is exciting and inspiring. Experimenting with different mediums can indeed enrich my artistic practice, and I am very eager to explore this.

Your support and insights are invaluable as I navigate the challenges of connecting with the right audience and finding suitable spaces for my art. I look forward to continuing our dialogue and applying your suggestions to further develop my work!